Update: This beautiful lounge no longer exists. Bangalore domestic departures now has only one lounge which is BLR Domestic Lounge.

I booked flights between Chennai and Cochin with a layover in Bangalore Airport intentionally to enjoy the lounge perks. I had a 3 hour layover at Bangalore airport to explore before my next flight to Kochi. During my last visit to Bangalore Airport, i accessed the Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic) which is on the opposite side of this lounge and so decided to go with Above Ground Levell Lounge this time.

Above Ground Levell Lounge (Domestic) Entrance at Bangalore Airport

Above Ground Level Lounges is maintained by BIRD Group, Headquartered in New Delhi, India. I guess this is their first Airport lounge in India. Let’s see if they come up with more lounges across other Airports as well.

Above Ground Levell Lounge First Impression – Wonderful:

I went with 2 of my friends and we got access to the lounge via Mastercard & Diners Club cards. I should appreciate the receptionist for wearing the smile during our check-in process. She answered my silly questions as to how these card partnership works etc without looking weird.

Above Ground Levell Lounge Reception

Most of the lounges i had been to in recent times treat us like, as if we were given a free service when i get-in with card access, but this lounge attendants did gave some respect as you would experience when you fly Business/first Class.

Ambience & food at Above Ground Levell Lounge

Its a big lounge and it wont run out of space unless the airport is highly crowded. During our visit, we were the only people in the lounge and i came to know that the runway is shut down at that time and so no crowd. After an hour or so, yes, people started coming in.



Food: I started with tasty corn soup and then with some chats along with Juices. They were all good. See it for yourself.

Corn Soup


We were even offered some complimentary alcoholic drinks as there were some promos going on, but we got to decline it as me and my friends are all Teetotalers (for time being) 😀

Ambience: They had vast seating area with great interiors and out of all domestic lounges i’ve been to in South India, this is the only lounge with Recliners. Looks like they’ve invested a lot in the lounge considering customer’s needs. It really helped me so much to nap for a while.

Above Ground Levell Lounge Bangalore Airport

Above Ground Levell Lounge Couch


After having a nap for few mins, i went and had Tropicana (grape) juice and left the lounge with a sense of fulfillment. The Artworks they’ve done on the wall was eye catching that i couldn’t stop myself from snapping them. 😀

Lounge Artwork

Tropicana Grape Juice at AGL lounge

Facilities at Above Ground Levell Lounge (Domestic) :

  • Wifi: Yes, Very good speed.
  • Food: Yes – As good as 4 Star Hotel Buffet
  • Ambiance: Awesome interiors, well spacious & good hospitality.
  • Recharge Station: Yes, 3 Pin Plugs to charge your devices in most places.
  • Complimentary Access on: MasterCard, Priority Pass, Diners Club
  • CardExpert Lounge Rating: 5/5

Overall, Above Ground Levell Lounge is one of the best lounges i’ve been to in recent times. Apart from usual lounge perks, you can have some peaceful nap in their Recliners which is unique with Above Ground Levell Lounge and not to mention, their hospitality was way too good.

Have you been to Above Ground Levell Lounge – Domestic Departure side? Share your experiences in comments below.

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