American Express is known for their premium credit card services across the globe. If you’re looking to experience the most premium credit card offering from such an issuer, you’re at the right place.

American Express Platinum Card that’s issued as a metal card is a super premium credit card from American Express India known for their premium travel benefits. Its a charge card, hence no pre-set limit to it. Here’s everything you need to know about this card,

Annual Fees

Joining/Annual Fee
Welcome Benefit100K MR points (or) Rs.40,000 Taj vouchers
Renewal BenefitVaries from time to time
Eligibility15L for Self Employed / 25L for Salaried

100K points is always better over 40K Taj vouchers as it definitely makes sense for the fee paid. You can easily get more than 50K value out of it by transferring them to Marriott Bonvoy, among other options.

Note that, every once in a while American Express also sends you targeted upgrade offers for the platinum card with better welcome bonus like 125K MR points. You’re lucky if you get one!

Credit Limit

Even-though its a charge card and comes with no-preset limit, it still has internal limit or shadow limit which is more like a credit limit, except that it keeps increasing based on your re-payments.

Usually the limit starts with north of 10 Lakhs, however you will still be stuck with ~3L or so (based on financials & Credit report) for first few weeks until the system learns more about your spend pattern.

Reward Points

  • Earn Rate: 1MR Point per Rs.40 Spent
  • MR Point Value: ~50Ps to 1Rs
  • Reward Rate: 1.25% to 2.5%

The above reward rate is calculated only for Marriott Points transfer based on my personal experience. I have got a value of even Rs.3/point at times but its tough to put a static value on it generally.

It may get you different reward rate based on how you redeem your points. Here’s how to Maximize Your American Express MR Points Value

You get accelerated 3X points on international spends, but not to forget, you’ll still be charged 3.5%+GST markup fees.

Yet, considering the peace of mind that Amex gives you with their Zero lost Card liability, its better to swipe Amex over other cards when in foreign land.

Airport Lounge access

Domestic LoungesComplimentary, Unlimited
Amex LoungesComplimentary, Unlimited
Priority Pass LoungesComplimentary, Unlimited
Delta LoungesComplimentary, Unlimited
  • Domestic Lounges: Both primary and supplementary card holders get unlimited lounge access to most of the domestic airport lounges located in India. These are affiliated lounges and not owned by Amex.
  • Amex Lounges: You get unlimited lounge access to the Amex lounges across the globe like Mumbai Amex Lounge. You also get access to the Centurion lounges as well.
  • Priority Pass Lounges: You get unlimited access to the 1200+ priority pass lounges across the globe. Note that only one supplementary cardholder can be enrolled for priority pass lounge access benefit.
  • Delta Lounges: Apart from the regular lounges, the additional advantage of this card is, you can also access Delta lounges when you fly with Delta Airlines. This may come handy if you’re flying inside USA.

Note: You may need to request for Priority Pass after getting the card. It took about about 4 months to arrive from HongKong.

It was delayed for me due to covid during mid 2020, but for others it should come within a month or so. However, a digital priority pass will be available instantly, if required.

Elite Tier Benefits

The Platinum Card gives you grand set of elite tier benefits that you can enjoy as long as you hold the platinum card.

Marriott Bonvoy

  • Status: Gold Elite
  • Value: Rs.20,000

This is the most important benefit you get with the platinum card. The combination of Gold Elite status & 100k welcome bonus points makes this card highly valuable.

Considering you stay 10 nights a year with 5 successfull upgrades, you can get minimum of Rs.20k value from this.

Hilton Honours

  • Elite Tier: Gold
  • Value: Rs.10,000

This is yet another amazing hotel loyalty program which I’m yet to explore. Remember Gold tier gets you complimentary breakfast benefit.

If you do 5 nights a year, you can easily get Rs.10k value with breakfast benefit alone. If you put a value on upgrades, then you could save a lot more.

Shangri-La Golden Circle

  • Elite Tier: Jade
  • Value: Rs.20,000 (Considering Taj benefit)

I don’t have a good impression on this brand after my experiences at Shangri- La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi few years ago, yet that could be property specific.

They do have some amazing properties across the world and the gold status should help you get better treatment, including complimentary breakfast.

Taj Innercircle Gold: As Shangri-La gives reciprocal benefits to Taj, you can get Taj Innercircle Gold with Shangri-La Golden Circle Gold.

This gives you a LOT of value if you’re a fan of Taj hotels like me. You can enjoy Early check-in (even 9AM), late check-out, 20 room upgrades and many more.

If you do 10 nights a year with Shangri-La & Taj, you can easily get a minimum of Rs.20k value.

Taj Innercirlce

  • Elite Tier: Silver

The Platinum Card also gives you Taj Innercircle Silver tier directly, which is not a big deal anyway.

Note that this maybe limited to only primary cardholder as its a physical application form that you need to send to Amex for processing.

Radisson Rewards

  • Elite Tier: Gold Elite

I’m not into Radisson as I don’t usually like their loyalty program after getting addicted to Marriott. But if you’re someone who’s already a loyal member to Radisson, it does help you with room upgrades & more.

Golf Benefits

Enjoy complimentary access to 32 Golf Courses in India in addition to complimentary golf lessons at select Golf Courses from professionals.

Dining Benefits

  • EazyDiner Prime
  • ITC Club Culinaire (ends by 22nd June, 2019)
  • Taj Epicure

Platinum Concierge

American Express India has about 200 dedicated employees handling the Concierge services for both Platinum & Centurion Cards. They’re broadly divided into travel & lifestyle. More about them here:

Travel Concierge

As American Express was once actually a travel company, expect great travel offers with them, as below:

  • Visa Services
  • Discounts on Business Class Revenue rates
  • Complimentary First Class Upgrade on Etihad
  • Complimentary Taj Vouchers on Intl travel booking

Lifestyle Concierge

They can do pretty much anything under the sun with their Do-Anything Platinum Concierge.

This is perhaps the most important but less-valued benefit. In most cases you need a lifestyle of its own to get value out of it.

However, you can also use them to delegate small works that could save you time. That’s how I use them.

My Concierge experience: I’ve sent them over 50 requests in last one year and what I’ve noticed is that they were under-performing in 2019 but surprisingly the response is super fast and good in 2020, especially during Covid-19. More in detail on this shortly, if you wish.

American Express Invites®

A unique programme that gives Platinum Cardmembers the chance to purchase tickets to some of the most popular events, often before they go on sale to the general public.

Companion card

With Amex Platinum, you can choose one of the other Amex credit cards as a companion card which remains free for life as long as you hold the Platinum Card. 

Usually Amex Reserve is given as a companion card but if you would like to maximise the value, Amex Platinum Travel card is the best one (if you prefer plat travel benefits).

Supplementary Cards

  • 4 Supplementary cards
  • 1 additional card for Business Expenses

You can get up to 4 supplementary cards, which are also metal cards with your American Express Platinum charge card.

Supplementary card holders can also enjoy most of the above benefits that a primary cardholder enjoys, including the hotel privileges.

Don’t forget to apply supplementary cards during the offer period as they run some wonderful offers like: you can get Rs.2000 Amazon Voucher per Supp. Card on the Platinum Card.


I’ve unboxed 2 Amex Platinum cards, one in 2019 (supp. card) and the other in 2020 (primary card). Feel free to check out the links for the detailed unboxing.


The welcome bonus of 100K MR Points is great for the first year without a doubt. For 2nd year though, it depends on the renewal offer you receive.

Many card members that renewed during Covid-19 got very good retention offers which makes sense to hold on to the card.

Is it Worth 60k+GST?

  • Short Answer: Absolutely!

If you can afford the fee, there is no reason that could stop you from getting one. You anyway get equivalent benefits through hotel membership, ongoing offers, spend based offers, etc.

FYI, with 100K Points, you can easily get about 13 Nights stay in Cat. 1 Marriott hotel.

To sweeten this, you can also get another 10K Referral Bonus Points by applying through the link below. That’s one extra night!


  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.5/5

Overall, it’s an amazing card for someone who loves premium experiences in life.

It’s not just a card for you, but more of a family card, as you may share the Supp. Cards with other family members too so they can enjoy almost all the benefits as you do.

I feel 2020 is the right time to get it, because during this time you can also enjoy the non-travel offers too. I got this card recently in 2020 and here are 3 reasons why I got it amidst Covid-19 pandemic.

What’s your take on the American Express Platinum Charge card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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