American Express India has come up with a new Shop Small campaign offer where-in American Express promotes small business spends across the world.

Interestingly this time they call it as “Dine, Shop & More” offer instead of “Shop small” for unknown reasons. On checking with support, they say that they’ve added more “dining” merchants to it and hence the name change.

But the offer is similar and here’s all you need to know:

Offer Details

OfferSpend Rs.200 or more and get Rs.200 cashback per txn (upto 100% off)
Max cap5 times Rs.200, upto Rs.1000
Offer ValidityFor Cardmembers in Bangalore, Delhi NCR or Mumbai the offer starts 01/04/2021. For Cardmembers in Chennai, Hyderabad or Pune the offer starts 16/04/2021 till 31st May 2021
LimitationCan be used only once per merchant
FulfilmentUsually within 3-5 business days
Merchant LocatorClick here

It appears that the supplementary cards are eligible for the same as well, as long as it shows on the a/c. I can see the offer showing up on the Bangalore registered Supp. card a/c. Support confirms that it wont affect the primary card spends/cashback.

Apart from that, the new limit of once per merchant usage for the offer is bit of a problem for some due to amex acceptance.

And not to forget, to be eligible to avail the offer, you’ve to enroll by clicking on save to card on Amex online Account.


So this shop small type of offer has moved from 20% cashback initially to 50% cashback and then recently to 100% too. Good trend!

While its good to see Rs.1000 savings on these spends, limiting it to select set of cities is not fair. It’s like saying “We don’t care about those living in other cities”. Better way of dealing would be is to target profiles based on the “revenue” given and not based on “location“.

But I think this is being done actually to improve Amex acceptance as primary intent. That could be the only reason why the offer is designed the way it is, else they could simply give the offer on Zomato/Swiggy itself instead of putting a lot of work in setting up this system.

Anyway, those who got the offer, enjoy! And those who don’t, feel free to ask Amex why. 😉

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