American Express has a new type of offer on EMI conversions for those who are interested (and also for those who are not interested in EMI’s). Here are the offer details,

Offer Details

OfferGet 5,000 Bonus Membership Rewards® points on EMI conversions
Eligible onPurchases worth ₹25,000 or more (upto 6 times)
ChargesInterest at 16% p.a. + 2% processing fees
Offer Period23 March 2021 to 23 April 2021
Fulfilmenton or before July 23, 2021

The Numbers

If you convert 25K INR to EMI for 3 months at 16% p.a., below are the numbers you should know:

  • Processing Fee (2%) = 500(fee)+90(GST) = 590 INR
  • Finance Charges = 671(Interest)+120(GST) = 791 INR
  • Out of Pocket spend: 1381 INR

On other hand, value of 5000 Reward points is 1850 INR to 2900 INR via Gold collection or maybe even better on Marriott redemptions

So if you know how to redeem the points for better value, this offer can save you anywhere between 500 INR to 1600 INR. So for those who need more Amex MR points in kitty, it makes sense to take the EMI offer.

Note: You can do upto 6 such EMI transactions and get upto maximum of 30,000 MR points through this offer. The same has been verified with Amex support.

However, remember that a similar offer has been rolled out for EMI’s taken on Amazon, Flipkart, etc for which the limit is max. 5K during the offer period.

Update: There is another EMI Offer

There are basically two EMI offers, as below:

(a) For the 30k points offer:

  • The offer is applicable for all
  • EMI conversion request has to be made after purchase has been completed.
  • EMI request has to be made through IFORM. Please check your email for the link.
  • Max of 6 transactions can be converted to EMI at a time resulting in 6*5000 = 30K MR points

(b) For the 5k points offer on Amazon/ Flipkart:

  • The offer is applicable only if it saved to card in Amex online account
  • Applicable only on select merchants
  • The purchase has to be completed using EMI as option, unlike the previous offer
  • Only 1 purchase transaction can earn points, resulting in max. 5K MR points


Reward Points on EMI conversion is a pretty good idea compared to gift cards which used to be the case previously, as Amex used tos end out 250/500 Flipkart gift card for EMI conversions.

So this is the first time to see bonus points on EMI’s. Hope to see more such offers from American Express that gives the ability to earn >10K points, like this one.

What’s your thoughts on the new AmEx EMI offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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