The Past

It’s been more than 2 years since CRED – the app that gives you rewards for paying credit card bills was launched.

When CRED App was initially onboarding customers, there were jaw dropping rewards and offers. I managed to save well over Rs.25,000 in a year and I’ve seen bunch of people who saved few lakhs as well – those who had that level of spends.

The Pandemic

However things were slowing down lately maybe due to the pandemic and we hardly see any worthy redemption options (via coins alone) on CRED yet, especially in the last 1 Year or so.

But if you love travel, you could still grab very good hotel stay offers that they put out every now and then. These new type of offers are “discounted” offers where in you could book a hotel for 20% less or so by burning CRED coins.

The Present

But then not everyone is travelling lately. So, a lot of you would have been waiting for the right time to burn all those unused bread coins in 2021. And the time has come now!

You can now redeem your CRED coins to donate Oxygen to hospitals and healthcare non-profit organization.

All you’ve to do is:

  1. Open the CRED app (or download if you don’t use already)
  2. Scroll down to see an option like below (either in “Home” page or in “Club” Page)
  3. Tap and donate as much as you wish.

Just incase if you’re not aware, this is not the first time CRED does this. Every few months once they come up with such redemptions and its always pretty good to redeem them.

Here are some of the past CRED missions that I redeemed CRED coins for:

Final Thoughts

While CRED coins may not reward you monetarily in 2021 as much it did in the past, it may carry good Karma back to your home. And let’s hope that acts as a shield to prevent the infection or just cure the infection fast, just in-case if you happen to contract the virus.

So coming back to the question, are CRED coins really worth it in 2021? the answer depends on one’s own perspective.

If you look at only rewards, then answer is “No” (for now, for most).

But I would say “Yes” – just for the presence of these credmissions, as it adds good value to the world.

And you get the convenience to pay all credit card bills in one place, pay rent online through CRED Rent Pay and even more.

Have you redeemed your CRED coins for CRED missions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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