One of the most demanded feature on HDFC super premium credit card products like HDFC Infinia & Diners Black is the transaction-wise reward points accrual details. This is primarily because the cardholders are having tough time to understand the fulfilment of offers like 10X rewards program and the cardholder had to call support every-time to check this information.

But now you no longer need to waste your time on call. The wait is now over (sort of) !!

New Features

I got my March 2021 Infinia CC statement and here’s what I see in addition to what we used to see earlier:

  • Feature Reward Points: You can now view how many reward points you’re earning against each and every transaction. This is for both Domestic & international transactions.
HDFC Infinia Statement with: Feature Reward Points
  • Rewards Program Points Summary: This must have been named as “Bonus Reward Points summary” for easy understanding. Basically this section shows the summary of accelerated/bonus reward points added to your reward points a/c in that particular statement period.
  • Cash back Summary: This section shows all the cashback you’ve received on your card a/c in that particular statement period. I see the global value cashback on my stmt, and maybe it may also show the fuel surcharge waiver as well.
HDFC Infinia Statement with: Bonus Reward Points Summary

Final Thoughts

This is definitely a wonderful feature to have – no doubt.

But if you ask whether this solves the problem – well, not exactly. It would have been LOT BETTER if the bonus points are reported against every txn just like the feature reward points.

But unfortunately it doesn’t work like that because the the fulfilment is not instant when it comes to most of the bonus reward points offers. So summary makes sense for monthly statements.

Maybe if HDFC wants to Woo their super premium cardholders, they could simply “update” the monthly statements after 90 days or so with the bonus rewards column (per txn) and make it available for download through net-banking.

Doing so it will fix the fulfilment queries once for all. This is very much doable speaking about the tech feasibility of such updated stmt’s, but the God decides whether it has to be done or not. 😛

And Diners Black & other cardholders.. sorry guys, it looks like a special privilege reserved only for Infinia, for now. But of-course the bank may enable this feature for others as well, if they ever feel the need for it.

That aside, this feature adds up a bit towards Infinia for those asking: Should I take Diners Black or Infinia?

Note: This feature appears to be rolled out in phases, so not all Infinia Cardholders are seeing this. However all should see very soon.

What’s your thoughts on this new feature given for Infinia Cardholders? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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