As soon as lockdown got lifted we started getting good set of offers from multiple credit card issuers and I was looking for something good from HDFC but there were nothing special, except the latest SmartBuy Extra Saving Days Sale that’s running for 3 days. 

That said they infact silently sent a grand offer to many cardmembers during this pandemic and that’s what this article is all about: Credit Limit Enhancement (LE). Here are all the details about the same.

2X Credit Limit Enhancement Offer

While few banks are reducing the credit limit of select cardholders during covid-19 pandemic, here’s HDFC that came up with a grand credit limit enhancement offer by doubling the limit for many cardholders during June 2020

From my known set of friends and family, I see more than 90% of them got 2X limit and some got 20% to 30% enhancement too.

Interestingly though, my card neither got 2X nor other limit enhancement offer. Part of the reason is that I got LE within 6 months when this offer was rolled out. Anyway I’m not complaining as the limit is already at a very good level.

Why Credit Limit matters? 

Credit limit is an important aspect of a credit card product. It helps you do high spends, get high value loan on credit card and more. 

But when it comes to HDFC Credit Cards it’s much more than that. 

As HDFC has a habit of upgrading cards based on the credit limit, when you get a credit limit enhancement, you also stand a chance to upgrade to the next level card that’s more rewarding. 

For ex, if you had 2.5L limit on regalia and if you’ve got 100% limit enhancement, you can upgrade your card (relatively easy) to HDFC diners black which comes with wonderful rewards. 

Update: October 2020

Looks like HDFC went for another round of credit limit enhancement offer by Oct 2020 for most card members.

I see most of those who got the 2X Limit enhancement previously got this offer too. Even others who didn’t receive the offer before have got one. I’m fortunately one of them this time.

  • The % of LE is about 20%-30% this round and I haven’t heard any 2X so far.

Update: March 2021

Another Auto Credit Limit Enhancement offer has been rolled out along with the upgrade offer.

  • The % of LE is about 5%-20% this round and I haven’t heard any 2X so far.

Final Thoughts

It’s very interesting to see HDFC being so generous in the limit enhancement, that too during Covid-19 while even premium issuers like American Express have put a hold on limit enhancement, even now. 

It’s definitely a MASTER SROKE by HDFC, the #1 credit card issuer in the country, a risky move at this time but it seems they are likely to get more revenue than loss by doing so, as anyway they have enough data to back up this decision.

So if you haven’t been notified about this limit enhancement offer, do check out your netbanking to see if you’re eligible for the same.

Login to NetBanking > Cards > Request > Limit Enhancement

I still see many getting ~20% LE sorts even now but appears that 2X is likely gone.

Did you receive a limit enhancement offer on HDFC Credit Cards and if so how much % was that? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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