HDFC Bank – the pioneer in credit card industry has come up with a unique offering few years back for ultra rich Indians – the Infinia credit card. As the name says, HDFC Infinia Credit card denotes limitless possibilities in every aspect like Rewards, Lounge access, card linked benefits, etc.

This is one of the best credit card in India that every credit card enthusiast would dream of. It offers maximum benefit, starting from lounge access to golf courses and even the credit limit. Here’s the detailed review of the HDFC Infinia credit card:

HDFC Infinia Credit Card

Fees & Charges

Joining FeeRs.10,000+GST
Welcome BenefitYes, equivalent
Renewal FeeRs.10,000+GST
Renewal Benefit10K Points
Renewal Fee WaiverOn 8L Spend

High Credit Limit

  • Minimum Limit: ~8 Lakhs

Infinia Credit Card falls under “Visa INFINITE” or “Master Card World” and comes with a minimum credit limit of 8-10Lakhs. It might as well come at lower limit when the limit is split or when the ITR is not as expected.

Yet, there is no issue when it comes to Credit Limit on this card as it has unique NPSL* (No Pre-set Spending Limit) feature, which means they may “temporarily” increase the limit if you inform the “Infinia Support Team” prior. This feature is unique to Infinia and is not applicable to any other HDFC card.

Reward Points

You get 5 reward points for every spent anywhere and everywhere – Wallets & fuel excluded. This gives you an equivalent amount of Rs.3.30 for every rs.100 spent, meaning you can easily save Rs.3,300 for every 1 Lakh you spend on the card.

Not just that, you can save 2X if you spend on dining & airvistara/hdfcbankinfinia website. That’s equivalent to Rs.6,600 in savings for every 1 Lakh spends.

  • Default Reward Rate: 3.3%
  • Accelerated Reward Rate: 6.6% (2X on Dining/airvistara/hdfcbankinfinia)
  • Accelerated Reward Rate: 33% (10X with limited partners)

Unlimited Lounge Access

With Priority Pass membership, you can get unlimited access to airport lounges across the globe (both domestic & international). One of the biggest advantage of this card is that even the supplementary card member gets unlimited lounge access.

Note that your Priority Pass wont be charged even on domestic swipes, unlike other HDFC cards. Apart from priority Pass, you may also use your “credit card” itself to get access through Visa/MC Lounge Programme.

Lots of savings and peace of mind during travel by resting in a comfortable place. With Lounges, you have access to complimentary food, wifi, coffee, posh interiors, etc.

This is quite beneficial if you travel with your partner/children. Thinking of a World tour with family and free lounge access everywhere? Infinia Credit card is for you!!

Foreign Travel is Rewarding

  • Foreign Currency Markup Fee: 2%+GST
  • Reward Rate: 3.3%
  • Net Gains: 1%

It has the lowest 2% foreign currency markup fee, making it the best card to swipe abroad. I should say, HDFC Bank Infinia credit card is the best credit card for international travel you can ever have.

Golf Benefit

HDFC Infinia Golf Benefit

You also enjoy unlimited Complimentary golf games at leading courses across India and select courses across the world.

Premium Customer Support

Connect faster with dedicated Infinia customer support who can really understand your queries, unlike regular HDFC support. Note that the Diners Black & Infinia share the same support and they’re usually knowledgeable.

Their personal Concierge service can save you a lot of headache with your travel planning. Be it limousine transfer or taxi or hotel or whatever.

I personally use concierge to redeem reward points, for ex: I just send them my big flight itinerary and let them book it all. I just need to say: yes, yes, okay – over the call 🙂

Attractive Cover

  • Credit Shield: 9 Lakhs (in case of accidental death and permanent disability)
  • Accidental death (By Air): 3 Cr
  • Medical emergency cover: Up to Rs 50 lakh against medical emergencies during travel abroad.

So you don’t need to take a separate Travel insurance when you travel abroad – Infinia covers you all. Apart from that, you can also withdraw cash of upto 40% of your credit limit without any cash withdrawal charges, however, interests will be applicable.

Getting Approved

HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card

That’s a million $ question, though, after knowing good # of the Infinia cardholders for a while, i can say: its not a child’s game. Most HDFC Premium credit cards are issued/upgraded based on the credit limit, but Infinia needs more that just limit.

For Fresh Card: You need 45L ITR to get a fresh card. You might still need to open HDFC Savings A/c to process your request.

For Upgrade: They do relax the income criteria a bit with below expectation:

  • High Limit on Existing HDFC Card
  • Very High spends on existing card
  • High Relationship value: More than “Imperia”
  • Maximum exposure to other HDFC products: Current a/c, Demat, Insurance Policies, Loans, Family accounts, etc.

In other words, you need to be a real High Net-worth Individual, or, should have given decent profit to the bank in the past to get approved for Infinia.

So wondering why the rules are bit strict? Well, what if you swipe your lovely Priority pass 50 times a year? Who pays for it? Its surprisingly YOU 🙂

They give back what they have earned from your past relationship with the bank – those profits they made on interests, loans, insurance policies, etc.

Update: I recently got upgraded to infinia. Check out my hands on review of Infinia.


What is HDFC Infinia?

Its an Invite only credit card by HDFC Bank

How to get Infinia?

You may apply for it based on salary requirements. But in most cases, an invite is sent out by the bank to the eligible cardholders.

What’s special with HDFC Infinia?

Its special because it comes with high rewards and unlimited lounge access.


Unless or until you’re so much bothered about air miles, there is no better credit card you can ever have in India except Infinia, especially for Priority Pass. However, as you see, getting approved for one is not that easy. If you’re finding it tough to grab one, consider going for Diners Black Credit Card as its even better with 10X rewards, yet acceptance is not guaranteed.

Next best is Regalia credit card which stands one step below Infinia. Impressed about the features? Do share your views in comments below.

  • CardExpert Rating: 5/5

Still confused as where to start? Drop your comments below, or Catch me on call, i can come up with a bespoke solution based on your financial situation to help you get one. Check out my Consultation page.

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