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This is one of the uber premium credit card with Hdfc bank that stands in par with HDFC Infinia credit card. While Infinia is powered by MasterCard or visa, diners club black is powered by diners club international itself, the first independent credit card company in the world to issue credit cards and charge cards. Personally I’ve a respect for diners cards for this reason.

HDFC Bank Diners Black Credit Card

Benefits of HDFC Diners Black Credit Card

Unbeatable Reward Rate

Through the reward points you earn on spends, Your savings are as below:

  • 3.3% on all retail spends and
  • 33% on 10X partners & Smartbuy (temporary offer)

Say you spend 1L on your card, you can save 3,300 INR equivalent value in points no matter where you spend and there is no upper limit to this. Enjoy Unlimited rewards.

And when you spend with 10X partners, you savings gets multiplied. Say for example if you spend 50,000 INR on 10X partners, you save about 16,500 INR. That’s so much of money to save isn’t it?

Unlimited Lounge Access

You can get unlimited access to airport lounges across the world – both Domestic & International. Unlike HDFC Infinia, you don’t need a separate Priority Pass card to access lounge, all you need is just your Diners card.

Add-On Card Lounge Access: Officially, HDFC Bank says that the unlimited lounge benefit is limited only to primary card member and not extended to add-on card holders.

The reality is, sometimes you’re not not charged, while sometimes you get charged. There are few readers who had reported that they were charged for swipes on add-on cards. Hence, use it at your own own risk!

Golf Privileges

One of the distinct advantage of diners cards from others is that it has complimentary golf lessons (Green Fee Waiver) at almost 20 golf courses in India and over 40 golf courses world over.

  • Limit: 6 Complimentary Golf games (Green fee waiver) per quarter

Higher Credit Limit

The floor limit of HDFC Bank Diners Club Black credit card is 4 Lakhs. Usually the cardholders have limits in the range of 4-8 Lakhs.

Reward Point Redemptions

The accrued reward points of above spending’s can be used to book flights/hotels within HDFC dinersclub website, or just transfer to airline partners at 1:1 ratio and use for award tickets.

It’s a kind of once in a lifetime offer. Never miss it if you happen to have chance to grab this card. 10X rewards are temporary and timely offer for customer acquisition as diners club international wants to penetrate into Indian market and most people who apply for this card is MAINLY for this reason.

Why Diners Black Stands out?

Its all about the 10X Rewards that i mentioned earlier, which gives you the ability to save 33% on your spends?

How about an expensive iPhone or TV or a refrigerator costing you 33% less? We have covered this in detail in a separate article – Save upto 33% on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Goibibo Using HDFC Diners Club Credit Cards

  • CardExpert Rating: 5/5


Simply put, diners club black credit card saves you 33% on most of your travel & shopping expenses and that being said, its a dream of every credit card holder in India to own this card. Not to forget that the Diners Club network has acceptance issues but still there cant be any better card on the planet as rewarding as HDFC Bank Diners Club Back credit card.


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