Priority Pass is undoubtedly the best independent Airport Lounge access program in the world. The good thing about them is, they add new lounges faster than any other programme. Priority Pass added more than 100 Lounges to their network in past 1 yr and altogether they now have 1000+ Lounges which is mind blowing.

My Priority Pass Card Issued with HDFC Regalia

In India, HDFC issues Priority pass cards as a benefit on many of their credit cards which doesn’t even have annual fee which makes HDFC the best option for me most of the time. However, there are lot of things which the Bank is not transparent about and hence i thought of writing it down 🙂

Know more about Your Priority Pass Cards issued by HDFC Bank

#1 Applying for Priority Pass Card Issued by HDFC

For Primary Cards: Priority Pass Cards comes along with the primary credit card kit on some HDFC credit cards, while on others you get by making X no. of transactions in Y days to get it issued. You can also call the customer care (or) drop an email to HDFC bank if its not getting issued automatically. You can expect the card to be delivered within 7 working days.

For Add-On Cards: For Add-on Cards, its never issued by default. You have to request the same via Customer care by calling them (or) simply by dropping them an email.

#2 Complimentary Access Limits:

Most of you should be aware of the Free/complimentary access limits available on your Priority Pass card. If not, the detail is below. Post free limits, you’ll be charged $27 per visit. You can also take a guest with you at $27 per guest.

Note that Priority Pass Add-on Cards share the same limit of the Primary Card. You WILL NOT be given separate limit for Add-On cards. For example, on Regalia, your primary & add-on priority pass cards will share the same limits which is “6” free access limits per year.

#3 Validity & Renewal of Priority Pass Cards

This is little bit tricky. HDFC Priority Pass Card is loaded with certain # of visits and you can use it as long as your linked credit card is active. It will remain active even after the primary CC gets renewed. The visits/limits are reset every “calendar year” (december 31st of the year)

Tip: Don’t request new card just because your Primary CC got renewed. Request for new card only after using up the limits. You can always drop an email to HDFC customer care to know the limits if you’re not sure about it.

#4 Accessing Priority Pass Lounges

All you need to do to get access to the Priority pass Airport lounge is, simply swipe your PP card and sign on the POS machine. Some Lounges will ask for your boarding pass for reference. To know more about Priority pass, read the similar articles below.

March 2017 Update: Priority Pass issued by HDFC is now chargeable ($27) for Domestic Lounge Access. You can now use them only to access international (out of india) lounges. You’re now left with Amex/Diners/Visa/Master card lounge access which is inbuilt with the card.

Do you use Priority Pass cards issued by HDFC? Do share your experiences in comments below.

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